Healthy Living in 2017


Healthy Living in 2017

New year, a better you!

Wear a pedometer. Aim for 10, 000 steps each day to lower blood pressure and maintain weight.

Make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of calcium and Vitamin D. Essential for women’s health, 1000mgs/day of calcium is the goal, 1200mgs/day if you are past menopause. An important vitamin for everyone, you should aim for 800 international units of Vitamin D per day.

Eat more fish! Studies show having two fish-based meals a week are extremely beneficial to the heart and brain, due to the healthy oils.

Consider acupuncture and massage as valid therapies for chronic problems, such as back pain and neuropathy. Seeing a good massage therapist for neck strain may work better than taking extra strength Tylenol and/or Advil regularly.

Invest time in others and keep friendships alive! Studies show having strong connections with other people is key in improving your overall happiness and life satisfaction.

Happy 2017 everyone!

Emily Barnwell

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